The activities carried out by VertiQuality.com require in general a close guide-client cooperation. The client must respect and assume the guidelines of the guide in matters of safety, environment and in relation to the practice of the activity.

The client must manifest any illness, physical or psychological limitation that may adversely affect the development of the contracted activity.

VertiQuality.com develops its main activity in the natural environment and therefore in a dynamic, changing and sometimes unpredictable environment. We work hard to ensure the feasibility of our activities as far as possible, but sometimes we are forced to modify or suspend the programmed activity.

VertiQuality.com maintains a real commitment to the preservation and protection of the environment, so it does not offer or carry out activities that are not respectful with the environment, as well as eco-sustainable.

In order to carry out any of our activities and unless otherwise specified, the client must provide the following equipment:

  • Breathable and comfortable clothing, suitable for practicing mountain sports, preferably covering the limbs completely.
  • Protection against solar radiation.
  • Water sufficient to keep hydrated during the scheduled time of the contracted activity.
  • Footwear suitable for walking on the mountain, preferably covering the malleoles.
  • Mobile phone with sufficient load for the period of time that the contracted activity lasts.

In cases where the customer must provide part of the security material, it must be approved and in good conditions of use.

In the event that VertiQuality.com provides any type of material or equipment to the customer, either at cost or if he, a deposit will be required to respond for the loss or deterioration thereof. .

VertiQuality.com customers will be able to cancel their reservation, with the right to full refund of the same, provided they communicate it 10 days before the scheduled date. Otherwise, the right to refund the amount of the reservation will be forfeited.

VertiQuality.com has claim forms available to its customers.

In the event that the activity is canceled by VertiQuality.com before the start of the same, the customer will be entitled to the full refund of the amount paid.

All the activities organized by VertiQuality.com have a civil liability insurance.

Minors must be accompanied by one of their parents or by an authorized guardian during the whole activity.

VertiQuality.com may use the images taken during the activity for use for promotional purposes, provided that it has not been stated otherwise on the reservation form.

All personal data will be processed in accordance with Data Protection Act 15/1999 (LOPDCP).